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Description of each bar (purpose, i.e. daily,  health rating, au hemp seed, quality ingredients.),and photo of raw ingredients that make up the bars (copy what Blue Dinosaur have done here)..



Hemp Hero

As the names states this is our hero bar, the 5 star health general has the lowest carbs and sugar content whilst maintaining a premium amount of healthy fats with a staggering 11g's of protein and a taste you won't be disappointed with, if you are we'll refund you the coin..that simple.  Oh yeah it's also Vegan friendly, dairy, gluten and preservative free with almost 4grams of fibre. ( x amount of recommended daily fibre)..

Recommended dose - daily

Hemp Hype

Hands down one of the best tasting bars in the known universe and still 10.1g's of protein, a low sugar profile and almost a third of this champion is raw Australian grown Hemp Seed - find me another bar with more than that, you won't save your time.  4.5 health stars, gluten and preservative free.

Recommended dose and when - ????




Average Qty Per Serving



Avg Qty Per 100g

Hemp H-Bomb 

White Chocolate and Cranberry, do we need to say anything more? 'Yes'.  Well ok - this little soldier we reckon is just the right blend of nuts, seeds, fruit and a little white choc for the bit of energy to get you through the session (we'll let you define what a session is). 4.5 health stars, gluten and preservative free.

 Recommended dose and when-...?? pre exercise

 Hempy Time super-food bars are made with the finest of ingredients including no less than 30% hemp seed, grown and manufactured right here in Australia.  The bars are no bake contain  

nutritional information, ingredients.

These bars could be considered a snack but given their wholesome and fulfilling nature we reckon they'll stand up as a meal replacement.

Made using the finest Australia grown hemp seeds

Protein comes from wholefoods,protein and almonds


add bio-availability 




*RRP $45.00 - Online Price $37.50!

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