The discovery of all things hemp started for us in 2019 when our frenchie (bulldog) was diagnosed with cancer and the intense search began for holistic cures that would work in tandem with more conventional medicine.

With a litany of blogs, articles, personal accounts and new research highlighting the potential benefits and uses of the Cannabis plant, the rabbit hole was well and truly entered.
Sadly with Australia trailing behind most other countries, the many benefits of the Hemp and Marijuana plant that can be provided to humans and animals alike can only be realised with a medical script, including the consumption of CBD oil to aid in the treatment of cancer.
Fortunately for Hempy Time and you, low THC hemp seed was permitted for cultivation and in the use of food products in 2017, so this nutritionally rich superfood can be added to diets across Australia and thus provide a fantastic source of protein, vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega 3-6.


As Australia painstakingly catches up to other countries and relaxes its laws around this magical plant we will continue to build out our product offering with hemp based foods.


1. Include as much hemp seed as poss
2. Restrict sugar and carbs to an absolute minimum
3. Leave no unpleasant protein after taste
4. Provide a good amount of healthy fats
5. Get the highest health rating
6. Make them tasty AF
Job done!
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